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The benefits of olive oil have been with us for around 6,000 years, give or take a few hundred years or so.The Mediterranean people have been cooking with olive oil for probably as long. And Olive leaf tea has been recognized as an herbal powerhouse.

Lucky for us that the science community over time has confirmed that cooking with olive oil was a wise choice for everyone’s health and a essential element of a low-fat diet. The pharmaceutical corporations weren’t around when we started using olive oil thousands of years ago, but today the corporations make billions with drugs to get the same benefit that using olive oil would provide,these are just a few of the more popular benefits

Major health benefits of Olive oil

One of the major health benefits of IGP Olive oil Toscana is that,olive oil is rich in anti-oxidents like chlorophyll, carotenoids and vitamin E.Scientists have identified a compound in olive oil called oleuropein or Polyphenols which prevents the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. It is the oxidized cholesterol that sticks to the walls of the arteries and forms plaque.

A study published in the January 2005 issue of Annals of Oncology has identified oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid found in olive oil, as having the ability to reduce the affect of an oncogene (a gene that will turn a host cell into a cancer cell). This particular oncogene is associated with the rapid growth of breast cancer tumors. The conclusion of the researchers was that oleic acid when combined with drug therapy encouraged the self-destruction of aggressive, treatment-resistant cancer cells thus destroying the cancer. Olive oil has been positively indicated in studies on prostate and endometrial cancers as well.

Unlike other fats, which are associated with a higher risk of colon cancer, olive oil helps protect the cells of the colon from carcinogens. A study published in the November 2003 issue of Food Chemistry Toxicology suggests that the antioxidants in olive oil reduce the amount of carcinogens formed when meat is cooked.This is a blessing for me,I love to BBQ.

Understanding the health benefits of olive oil

Finally when understanding the health benefits of olive oil an important point should be made.The quality of the oil you buy will make a difference.The antioxidents are depleted from improper processing,or damaging the fruit during harvest.Water and soil nutrients effect the oil.So it makes sense to know the Farmer has used the right farming methods to guarantee freshness.

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